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Vision / Mission / Values


The Branko Mihaljević children’s Theatre has so far been a pioneer in its field and will continue to spread the worldwide trends of children’s and youth theatre. We are an institution which, together with its co-founder the city of Osijek, will continuously form new relations with institutions, groups and individuals that deal with education for children and young people. We are dedicated to expanding our work with children and teens through our Drama and Ballet studios, as well as our Dancing playroom for beginners.

The Branko Mihaljević theatre is also looking to offer opportunities for students from the same field, especially since Osijek has had its very own Academy of dramatic and visual arts for the past seven years. We wish to strengthen our collaboration with all three departments (music, art and acting), but especially with the department of acting and puppetry, which is one of a kind in this part of Europe. Aside from the Academy, there are numerous collaborative opportunities with other colleges in Osijek whose fields are directed towards educating and working with children and teens.

The theatre has developed collaborations with numerous similar institutions in the region and our wish is to expand our relations with other countries of the European union through work on joint projects (hosting plays, exchange of plays, etc.)


We can safely say that the Branko Mihaljević theatre is fulfilling its primary mission:

educating a young theatre audience by showcasing the magic of performance art and urging discussion about the subjects that interest them

preserving the theatre’s history through our archive, by maintaining the puppets, scenery and any and all materials that were a part of our plays

making sure the archive is at the disposal of the professional community


The core values of the Branko Mihaljević children’s theatre can be summed up thusly: encouraging creativity in children and adults while also developing a sensibility for quality theatre, respecting tradition while upholding moral values and encouraging team work, innovation and creativity within the theatre itself.

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